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Looking for the sheet music for “Someone Like You”? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about finding and playing the sheet music for this beloved song. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, we’ve got you covered.

“Someone Like You” is a heartfelt ballad by Adele that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. With its emotional lyrics and beautiful melody, it’s no wonder that many people want to learn how to play this song on the piano or other instruments. Luckily, there are various resources available that can help you get your hands on the sheet music for “Someone Like You.”

Why “Someone Like You” Sheet Music is in Demand

“Someone Like You” by Adele is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic songs of our time. Released in 2011, this heartfelt ballad touched the hearts of millions around the globe. The emotional depth of the lyrics and Adele’s powerful vocals struck a chord with listeners, making it a song that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s no wonder that the demand for the “Someone Like You” sheet music is sky-high. People want to bring the magic of this song to life by playing it themselves on various instruments such as the piano, guitar, or violin. The sheet music allows aspiring musicians and fans alike to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and emotion of the song.

In addition, learning and playing “Someone Like You” on an instrument provides a unique sense of personal connection. It allows individuals to express their own interpretation of the song, adding their own nuances and emotions to the performance. This personal touch is something that cannot be replicated with just listening to a recorded version of the song.

The sheet music for “Someone Like You” not only provides an opportunity for musicians to learn and showcase their skills but also serves as a valuable tool for music educators. Many teachers incorporate popular songs into their lessons to engage and motivate their students. “Someone Like You” offers a perfect balance of technicality and emotional depth, making it an excellent choice for students of varying skill levels.

Whether it’s for personal enjoyment, performance, or educational purposes, the demand for “Someone Like You” sheet music remains consistently high. People continue to be captivated by the raw emotions and poignant storytelling of Adele’s masterpiece. And as long as there are music enthusiasts around the world, the desire to play this song will persist.

So, if you’re looking to learn or teach “Someone Like You,” rest assured that there are resources available to help you obtain the sheet music and embark on this musical journey. Whether you’re a beginner seeking simplified arrangements or an advanced player looking for a more intricate rendition, you can find the sheet music that suits your needs.

Where to Find “Someone Like You” Sheet Music

When it comes to finding sheet music for Adele’s beloved song “Someone Like You,” there are several options available for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting to learn the piano or an advanced player looking to master this beautiful piece, you can easily find the sheet music you need to bring the magic of the song to life.

Online Sheet Music Stores

One of the most convenient ways to find “Someone Like You” sheet music is through online sheet music stores. These websites offer a wide selection of sheet music from various genres and artists, including Adele. Some popular online sheet music stores include:

  • Musicnotes: This well-known online platform offers an extensive collection of sheet music, including Adele’s “Someone Like You.” You can easily search for the song, preview the sheet music, and purchase it in digital or physical format.
  • Sheet Music Plus: Another reputable online store, Sheet Music Plus, offers a vast catalog of sheet music for different instruments and skill levels. You can find “Someone Like You” sheet music and easily order it to be delivered to your doorstep or download it digitally.
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Music Apps and Platforms

In addition to online sheet music stores, there are various music apps and platforms that provide access to “Someone Like You” sheet music. These apps offer convenience and flexibility, allowing you to have the sheet music readily available on your mobile device or tablet. Some popular music apps and platforms that offer “Someone Like You” sheet music include:

  • Musicnotes App: The Musicnotes App allows you to access your sheet music library on any device, making it easy to practice and play “Someone Like You” wherever you are.
  • Sheet Music Direct App: With the Sheet Music Direct App, you can browse and download sheet music directly to your mobile or tablet device. This app offers a user-friendly interface and features a wide range of songs, including “Someone Like You.”

Printable Sheet Music

If you prefer to have a physical copy of “Someone Like You” sheet music, you can also find printable versions online. Many websites offer printable sheet music for free or at an affordable price. Simply search for “Someone Like You sheet music printable” to find websites where you can download and print the sheet music.

Free vs Paid Options for “Someone Like You” Sheet Music

When it comes to finding sheet music for Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You,” musicians have various options to choose from. One of the first decisions they need to make is whether to go for free or paid options. Here, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Free Options

  1. Online platforms: There are several websites that offer free sheet music for “Someone Like You.” Musicians can search for these platforms using search engines and easily access the sheet music. However, it’s important to note that the quality of free sheet music may vary, and it may not always be the most accurate or professionally arranged.
  2. User-generated content: Musicians can also rely on user-generated content platforms where fellow musicians share their own arrangements of “Someone Like You” for free. While this can be a great way to find unique versions of the song, the quality and accuracy may not always be guaranteed.
  1. Music stores: Many online sheet music stores offer “Someone Like You” sheet music for a fee. These stores typically provide professionally arranged and accurate sheet music that is legally licensed. Popular options include Musicnotes and Sheet Music Plus. Musicians can choose from a range of arrangements based on their skill level and preferences.
  2. Music apps: Musicians who prefer the convenience of digital sheet music can consider using music apps like the Musicnotes App or the Sheet Music Direct App. These apps often offer a wide selection of sheet music for popular songs like “Someone Like You” and provide features such as transposition and audio playback.

While free options can be appealing for those on a tight budget or looking for quick access, they may not always provide the highest quality or accuracy. Paid options, on the other hand, offer professionally arranged and licensed sheet music, ensuring a reliable resource for musicians of all levels.

Free Options Paid Options
– Online platforms – Sheet music stores like Musicnotes and Sheet Music Plus
– User-generated content platforms – Music apps like the Musicnotes App or the Sheet Music Direct App

Tips for Learning and Playing “Someone Like You” on Piano

Learning and playing “Someone Like You” on the piano can be a rewarding experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pianist, here are some useful tips to help you master this beautiful Adele song:

  1. Start with the basics: Before diving into the song, make sure you have a good understanding of piano fundamentals. Familiarize yourself with the notes, hand positioning, and basic chords. This will provide a solid foundation for learning and playing “Someone Like You.”
  2. Use accurate sheet music: Having accurate and reliable sheet music is crucial when learning any song. Look for reputable sources that provide professionally arranged sheet music for “Someone Like You.” This will ensure that you’re learning the correct notes, chords, and rhythms.
  3. Break it down: “Someone Like You” has multiple sections, including verses, choruses, and a bridge. Break the song down into smaller chunks and practice each section separately. This will make it easier to learn and memorize the entire song.
  4. Focus on dynamics: “Someone Like You” is an emotional song, and dynamics play a crucial role in conveying its mood. Pay close attention to the dynamics indicated in the sheet music and experiment with different levels of volume and expression. This will bring depth and emotion to your performance.
  5. Practice regularly: Consistency is key when learning any piano piece. Set aside regular practice sessions to work on “Someone Like You.” Start with slow and accurate practice, gradually increasing the tempo as you become more comfortable. Remember, practice makes perfect!
  6. Add your personal touch: Once you have mastered the song as written, don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches. Experiment with different voicings, embellishments, or improvisations to make the song your own. This will not only make your performance unique but also showcase your creativity as a pianist.
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Other Resources for Learning “Someone Like You” on Different Instruments

There are many resources available for learning and playing Adele’s popular song “Someone Like You” on different instruments. Whether you’re a guitarist, violinist, or even a saxophonist, here are some valuable resources to help you master this beautiful ballad.


If you’re looking to learn “Someone Like You” on the guitar, there are several online tutorials and chord charts that can guide you through the song. Websites like Ultimate Guitar and Guitar Chords provide accurate tabs and chord diagrams that can help you play the song with ease. Additionally, YouTube channels like GuitarLessons365Song offer comprehensive video tutorials that break down the song step by step.


For those who want to play “Someone Like You” on the violin, sheet music is readily available online. Websites such as Sheet Music Plus and Musicnotes offer a variety of arrangements for solo violin or violin with piano accompaniment. These sheet music versions provide accurate notation and bowing instructions, allowing violinists to capture the emotion of the song.


If you’re a saxophonist looking to add “Someone Like You” to your repertoire, there are resources available to help you learn the melody and techniques specific to the saxophone. Websites like Sax School and Saxophone Tribe provide sheet music and video lessons that cater specifically to the saxophone. These resources not only teach you how to play the melody but also guide you on improvisation and adding your own personal flair to the performance.

Remember, no matter which instrument you choose to play “Someone Like You” on, practice is key. Take the time to break the song down into smaller sections and focus on mastering each part before putting the whole piece together. Consistent practice will help you build muscle memory and ensure a polished performance.

By utilizing these resources and putting in the effort to practice regularly, you’ll be well on your way to playing “Someone Like You” flawlessly on your instrument of choice. So go ahead, explore these resources, and let your musical journey begin.


Learning and playing Adele’s “Someone Like You” on the piano can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for musicians of all skill levels. By starting with a solid foundation in piano fundamentals and using accurate sheet music, players can ensure a strong start to their journey. Breaking the song down into smaller sections for practice and focusing on dynamics will help convey the emotion of the piece. Regular practice is key to mastering the song and adding personal touches to make it unique.

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For those interested in exploring “Someone Like You” on other instruments such as the guitar, violin, or saxophone, there are various resources available online. Websites and platforms offer tutorials, sheet music, and video lessons specific to each instrument, providing additional opportunities for musicians to expand their repertoire.

The key to success lies in practice and utilizing the available resources to enhance one’s musical journey. So, whether you’re a piano enthusiast or interested in learning the song on a different instrument, take advantage of these resources and enjoy the process of learning and playing “Someone Like You.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the importance of having a good understanding of piano fundamentals when learning to play Adele’s song “Someone Like You”?

A: Having a good understanding of piano fundamentals is important because it lays the foundation for playing any song. It helps with finger placement, hand coordination, and reading sheet music accurately.

Q: How can I break down the song into smaller sections for practice?

A: Breaking the song into smaller sections allows for focused practice. You can start by learning the intro, then move on to the verse, chorus, and bridge. By practicing each section separately, you can master the song gradually.

Q: How can I convey the emotion of the song through my piano playing?

A: To convey the emotion of the song, focus on dynamics. Experiment with playing softer and louder, use different articulations, and pay attention to how you emphasize certain notes or phrases. This will help bring out the expressiveness of the music.

Q: How often should I practice to improve my piano skills?

A: Regular practice is key to improving your piano skills. Aim for consistent practice sessions of at least 30 minutes to an hour each day. Remember, quality practice is more important than quantity, so focus on concentration and efficiency during your practice time.

Q: How can I make my performance of “Someone Like You” unique and creative?

A: Adding personal touches to the song can make your performance unique and showcase your creativity. Experiment with different interpretations, phrasing, and tempo variations. You can also try adding your own improvisation or embellishments to make the music your own.

Q: Are there resources available to learn and play “Someone Like You” on instruments other than piano?

A: Yes, there are resources available to learn and play “Someone Like You” on various instruments like the guitar, violin, and saxophone. Websites and platforms offer tutorials, sheet music, and video lessons specific to each instrument. These resources can help you expand your musical abilities and explore different ways of playing the song.

Q: Where can I find these resources for learning and playing “Someone Like You” on different instruments?

A: You can find resources for learning and playing “Someone Like You” on different instruments by searching online. Websites like YouTube, Ultimate Guitar, and Sheet Music Plus offer tutorials, sheet music, and video lessons for various instruments. Explore these platforms to find resources that suit your learning style and instrument of choice.

Q: What is the final message of the article?

A: The final message of the article is to emphasize the importance of regular practice. It encourages readers to explore the mentioned resources to enhance their musical journey and improve their skills. By investing time and effort in practice and utilizing available resources, readers can embark on a fulfilling and enjoyable musical learning experience.

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