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The Blues game schedule is a highly anticipated event for fans of this beloved hockey team. With each new season, fans eagerly await the release of the schedule, marking their calendars and planning their game nights. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, knowing when and where the Blues will be playing is essential for keeping up with the action.

The Blues game schedule offers a thrilling lineup of matchups against rival teams, exciting road trips, and home games that bring the crowd to their feet. From the electric atmosphere of the Enterprise Center to the thrilling away games in rival arenas, every game is an opportunity to witness the skill and passion of this talented team.

Stay tuned as we delve into the upcoming Blues game schedule, highlighting key matchups, must-see games, and important dates to remember. Whether you’re planning to attend a game in person or catch the action from the comfort of your home, this schedule is your guide to experiencing the excitement of Blues hockey.

Key Matchups in the Blues Game Schedule

The Blues game schedule is filled with exciting matchups against rival teams and top contenders in the league. These key matchups are highly anticipated by fans and often determine the course of the season. Here are some of the must-see games in the Blues game schedule:

  • St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks: This classic rivalry matchup between the Blues and Blackhawks is always intense and highly competitive. The games between these two teams are filled with fast-paced action and physicality, making them a fan favorite.
  • St. Louis Blues vs. Nashville Predators: The Predators have been a strong opponent for the Blues in recent years, adding an extra layer of excitement to their matchups. These games often showcase stellar goaltending and tight defensive battles, making them thrilling to watch.
  • St. Louis Blues vs. Winnipeg Jets: The games between the Blues and Jets are known for their high-scoring and fast-paced nature. Both teams possess talented offensive players, resulting in an exciting display of skill and scoring opportunities.
  • St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche: The Avalanche have emerged as one of the top teams in the league in recent seasons, making their matchups with the Blues highly anticipated. These games feature top-tier talent and often have playoff implications, providing fans with a high-stakes viewing experience.
  • St. Louis Blues vs. Tampa Bay Lightning: The Lightning are known for their explosive offense and skilled lineup, making their games against the Blues a thrilling offensive showcase. Fans can expect exciting end-to-end action and highlight-reel goals in these matchups.

These key matchups on the Blues game schedule are just a taste of the exciting games to come throughout the season. Whether it’s rivalries, playoff rematches, or battles against top teams, the schedule is packed with thrilling hockey action that fans won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates and important dates to remember in the upcoming Blues game schedule.

Matchup Description
St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks Classic rivalry with fast-paced action and physicality
St. Louis Blues vs. Nashville Predators Tight defensive battles and stellar goaltending
St. Louis Blues vs. Winnipeg Jets High-scoring and fast-paced games with talented offensive players
St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche

Must-See Games in the Blues Game Schedule

The Blues game schedule is packed with thrilling matchups that fans won’t want to miss. From intense rivalries to high-scoring battles, there are several must-see games that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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One of the most highly anticipated games in the Blues schedule is the matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks. The rivalry between these two teams runs deep, and each game is filled with intensity and passion. Both teams bring their A-game, and it’s always a spectacle to watch.

Another key matchup in the schedule is the series against the Nashville Predators. These games are known for their tight defensive battles, with both teams showcasing their defensive prowess. The games often come down to the wire, making them incredibly exciting to watch.

Fans can also look forward to the games against the Winnipeg Jets. These matchups are known for their high-scoring nature, with both teams boasting top offensive talent. These games often turn into goal-fests, providing a thrilling spectacle for fans.

In addition to these exciting matchups, the Blues will also face off against top-tier talent in games against the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. These games are a true test for the Blues, as they go head-to-head with some of the league’s best players. Fans can expect fast-paced action and highlight-reel plays in these matchups.

The Blues game schedule is filled with these must-see games that offer a variety of exciting hockey action. From intense rivalries to high-scoring battles and matchups against top-tier talent, there is something for every fan. Don’t miss out on the thrilling action – mark these games on your calendar and get ready to cheer on the Blues.

Remember to stay tuned for more updates and important dates to remember in the upcoming Blues game schedule.

Important Dates to Remember in the Blues Game Schedule

The Blues game schedule is jam-packed with exciting matchups and intense rivalries. As fans eagerly await the start of the season, there are a few important dates to mark on your calendars. These games promise to be thrilling and are not to be missed:

  • Home Opener: The first game of the season is always an exciting event, and the Blues’ home opener is no exception. It’s a chance for fans to pack the arena, show their support, and set the tone for the rest of the season. Be sure to mark this date and be there to witness the electric atmosphere.
  • Rivalry Games: The Blues have some fierce rivalries in the league, and these matchups are always intense and highly anticipated. One such game is against the Chicago Blackhawks, where sparks always fly. With a history of memorable games, this matchup is a must-see for any hockey fan.
  • Divisional Showdowns: The Blues face off against their division opponents multiple times throughout the season. These games are crucial for securing playoff positions and determining divisional dominance. Keep an eye out for matchups against the Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets, and Colorado Avalanche. These teams play a tight defensive game and always make for thrilling contests.
  • Top-tier Talent: The Blues will also face off against some of the league’s top-tier talent, including the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning, led by their star players, are always a force to be reckoned with and are known for their fast-paced, high-scoring style of play. Don’t miss the chance to see the Blues go head-to-head with these elite teams.

The Blues game schedule is filled with excitement and anticipation. With these important dates in mind, fans can prepare for an action-packed season and experience the thrill of live hockey. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to have your tickets ready for these must-see games.

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Attending a Blues Game in Person

Attending a St. Louis Blues game in person is an exhilarating experience that every hockey fan should have. The energy of the crowd, the excitement on the ice, and the sense of camaraderie among fellow fans create an atmosphere that is hard to replicate. Whether you are a die-hard Blues fan or simply a lover of the sport, watching a game live at the Enterprise Center is a must.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind if you plan on attending a Blues game:

1. Buying Tickets

When it comes to buying tickets, there are a few options to consider. The official website of the St. Louis Blues is the most reliable source for purchasing tickets. It offers a variety of seating options to fit different budgets and preferences. Alternatively, you can also check out reputable ticket reseller websites for a chance to find good deals.

2. Arriving Early

To make the most of your Blues game experience, it is recommended to arrive at the arena early. This gives you ample time to soak in the atmosphere, explore the venue, and grab some snacks or merchandise before the puck drops. Also, keep in mind that popular games tend to attract larger crowds, so arriving early ensures that you can find your seats and settle in without any rush.

3. Dressing Appropriately

Attending a Blues game means being ready for a sensory overload. The temperature inside the arena can be chilly, especially near the ice, so dressing in layers is advisable. Wearing the team’s colors or donning your favorite Blues jersey is a great way to show your support and feel a part of the vibrant atmosphere.

4. Engaging with the Crowd

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending a Blues game is the opportunity to engage with the passionate fan base. Joining in on chants, high-fiving fellow fans, and cheering on the team creates a sense of unity and adds to the overall excitement of the game. So, don’t be shy! Embrace the energy of the crowd and become a part of the Blues family for the night.

Remember, attending a Blues game is not just about the on-ice action, it’s about the entire experience. So, mark your calendar, secure your tickets, and get ready to witness the intensity and thrill of St. Louis Blues hockey in person.

Catching the Action from Home

With the highly anticipated Blues game schedule just around the corner, fans are buzzing with excitement to catch their favorite team in action. While attending games in person is a thrilling experience, sometimes circumstances don’t allow for it. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to cheer on the Blues and catch all the excitement from the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few options for catching the action from home:

  1. Television Broadcasts: One of the most popular ways to watch Blues games from home is through television broadcasts. Many games are televised, allowing fans to watch the game in high definition from the convenience of their living rooms. Check local listings or the team’s website for the broadcast schedule and channel information.
  2. Live Streaming: For those who prefer to watch games online, live streaming platforms offer a fantastic option. Services such as NHL.TV or streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube TV, and Sling TV often provide live coverage of Blues games. These services can be accessed through various devices like smart TVs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  3. Radio Broadcasts: If you’re not near a television or prefer the auditory experience, tuning into the radio broadcast is a great way to stay connected to the game. Local radio stations usually cover the Blues games, providing play-by-play commentary and analysis. Just make sure to find the correct station frequency or listen online if available.
  4. Social Media Updates: Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be valuable resources for staying updated on the game. Follow the official Blues accounts for live score updates, highlights, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes content. Joining online fan communities and forums can also enhance the viewing experience by allowing you to connect with other passionate Blues fans.
  5. Highlights and Recaps: If you’re unable to watch the game live, catching up on the highlights and recaps is a great way to stay informed and relive the best moments. The official Blues website and various sports news outlets often provide post-game recaps, condensed game highlights, and player interviews to keep you in the loop.
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Even if you can’t make it to the arena, watching Blues games from home can still be an immersive and exciting experience. So grab your favorite game-time snacks, don your Blues gear, and get ready to cheer them on as they skate towards victory.

Stay tuned for more updates and important dates in the upcoming Blues game schedule.


With a jam-packed schedule full of thrilling matchups and intense rivalries, the Blues game schedule is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. From battling it out with the Chicago Blackhawks to facing off against top-tier talent in the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning, there is no shortage of excitement in store for Blues fans. Whether it’s a tight defensive battle against the Nashville Predators or a high-scoring affair against the Winnipeg Jets, every game promises to be a must-see event.

But attending a Blues game is about more than just the action on the ice. It’s about immersing yourself in the entire experience. From buying tickets and arriving early to dressing appropriately and engaging with the crowd, every detail adds to the excitement of game day. And for those unable to attend in person, there are plenty of options to stay connected to the game, including television broadcasts, live streaming, radio broadcasts, social media updates, and highlights/recaps.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable season of Blues hockey. Stay tuned for more updates and important dates in the upcoming schedule. The Blues game schedule is packed with excitement, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the article discuss?

A: The article discusses the highly anticipated Blues game schedule, highlighting must-see games, rivalries, defensive battles, high-scoring games, matchups against top-tier talent, and important dates such as the home opener.

Q: What tips are provided for attending a Blues game in person?

A: The tips provided include buying tickets, arriving early, dressing appropriately, and engaging with the crowd. Attending a Blues game is about the entire experience, not just the on-ice action.

Q: What options are discussed for fans to catch Blues games from home?

A: The options discussed include television broadcasts, live streaming, radio broadcasts, social media updates, and highlights/recaps. These options allow fans to stay connected to the game and experience the excitement from home.

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