Lenco L-90 Walnut Veneer Turntable with USB Connection

Lenco L-90 Walnut Veneer Turntable with USB Connection


Product Overview

The Lenco L-90 combines well looks with better functionality. This semi-automatic turntable, with USB connectivity and encased in walnut veneer, will grace the home of any Vinyl enthusiast.

Product Functions

The Lenco L-90 is a home-user turntable which will breathe life into your Vinyl collection with better functionality.

The combination of a diamond needle, adjustable counterweight, anti-skating and auto-stop, ensure good sound quality whilst also avoiding rapid wear of your records. The built-in stereo pre-amplifier and balanced aluminium platter ensures the L-90 again guarantees you a good audio experience.

The L-90 also features USB connectivity so you can convert all your Vinyl records to digital format quickly and easily. From now on, when you listen to your favourite track on your PC, smartphone, tablet or any other media player you’ll still have authentic vinyl sound quality.

The wooden casing with a walnut veneer finish makes the L-90 both tactile and robust. The L-90 doesn’t just sound good, it will grace any home with its good looks.

Whether you’re falling in love with your Vinyl collection again or converting for the first time, Lenco products are made by music lovers for music lovers.

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  • Semi-automatic turntable with walnut wood veneer casing and removable aluminium headshell
  • USB port to convert vinyl to digital formats. Integrated switchable stereo pre-amplifier
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista Home and higher, Windows 7 Home and higher, Windows 7
  • Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC), adjustable counterweight, anti-skating and auto-stop
  • Balanced aluminium platter (332 mm diameter) with 33 and 45 RPM speed settings
  • 8711902028758